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Your body is the vehicle through which you experience Life. Feeling good in it – and feeling good about it – matter. Whether you are coming from a health and fitness perspective or a deeper body image and self-esteem perspective, how you feel in and about your body directly impacts the quality of your life It affects your relationships, your productivity, your career, your health, your finances, and more. Your experience of your body directly influences your success, fulfillment, and joy.

If you are a conference planner looking to inspire your attendees, an employer looking to support and motivate your employees or an individual looking for personal coaching, Carmela has a program that will meet your needs and goals.

She offers:

•  Keynote Addresses
•  Conference Break-Out Sessions
•  Seminars and Workshops
•  Lunch and Learns
•  Webinars
•  Personal Coaching
•  Group Coaching
•  Books, Audio and Video Programs

Conference Planners, Meeting Organizers and Employers: Start Here

Individuals looking for Personal Support: Start Here

Through experiencing her life-changing suite of home study programs, engaging her as a mentor, or participating in a speaking event, Carmela’s clients heal and transform their relationships with food, exercise and their bodies to create sustainable life-long health, vitality and beauty.