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Your body is the vehicle through which you experience Life. Feeling good in it – and feeling good about it – matter. Whether you are coming from a health and fitness perspective or a deeper body image and self-esteem perspective, how you feel in and about your body directly impacts the quality of your life It affects your relationships, your productivity, your career, your health, your finances, and more. Your experience of your body directly influences your success, fulfillment, and joy.

If you are a conference planner looking to inspire your attendees, an employer looking to support and motivate your employees or an individual looking for personal coaching, Carmela has a program that will meet your needs and goals.


Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, Lunch & Learns

Each of the following presentations will be custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of your event format, time considerations and budget. Participants will leave feeling inspired and motivated with the framework and tools they need to create lifelong health, vitality and joy.


Body Image & Weight Loss in the Workplace: Tapping Unrealized Potential

It’s no secret that healthy employees translate into lower health care costs and lower absenteeism rates. But health is not simply measured in blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass indices. Learn how body image, self-esteem and weight issues impact the emotional health of employees and how healing these issues can result in increased employee engagement, productivity and a healthier bottom line.


Food Is Not a 4-Letter Word

Food is not bad. Food is not good. Food is just food. Learn how our cultural ideas about diet and exercise keep us stuck in self-defeating patterns and how to break them. Discover the one relationship that will help you create a body AND a life you love.


Hunger and Happiness

Emotional and psychological pain around food and weight issues is real. However, emotional eating is one of the most misunderstood concepts around – and this misunderstanding ultimately serves to deepen the pain and confusion. Learn how our “hunger” for happiness is the path to heal dysfunction around food and to create sustainable weight loss and wellbeing.


Money, God and Weight

There is one subject that is compared to weight more than any other – money. If we balance our checkbooks, why not just balance our calories? Furthermore, our beliefs about weight management are as dogmatic as some of our religious beliefs. Discover how to transcend the weight-loss dogma to discover the divine wisdom and grace of your own body. Learn how to harness this innate intelligence to create an optimized state of health, vitality and beauty.


An Insider’s View of Marketing, Media and Model Mania

Learn the necessary media and marketing literacy skills to support self-empowerment. Uncover the role we play in creating and perpetuating our own dysfunction and master mindsets, skills and tools that will bring us peace and self-esteem regardless of our current shape or size.


Freedom From Food: The Big Mistake the Medical Community Still Makes Regarding Eating Disorders

You don’t have to have been diagnosed with an “eating disorder” to experience pain and shame around your body or your weight. Whether you are suffering yourself – or love someone who is – learn what the “experts” do right – and what they don’t. Discover the one mistake that keeps patients stuck in (and out of) “recovery” and how to remedy it to find true healing.


Workshops, Seminars, Retreats

The following programs are more in-depth and hands on. They can be customized to fill and afternoon, a day or an entire weekend.


A New Body Mind Makeover

The New Body Mind Makeover is Carmela’s Signature 5-step program that has created life-changing results for her private clients. Unlike all of the other programs out there in the weight-loss and wellness industry, The New Body Mind Makeover addresses – and heals – the underlying causes of your pain and dysfunction. It teaches you how to create – and maintain – results on your terms. Start feeling better about your body and yourself right now. Learn how to find peace and freedom around food and your body. Learn how to eat food you enjoy. Learn how to create happiness AND a body you love!


Your Most Magnificent You

Your Most Magnificent You – or YuMMY as it is affectionately know around the office – is your master class in personal development, self-esteem, and body image. Like the New Body Mind Makeover, Your Most Magnificent You facilitates healing around your body. However YuMMY takes it further, exploring deeper relationships with yourself and your environment – including how our culture influences your self-esteem and body image and what you can do to heal and empower yourself in spite of it. Your Most Magnificent You facilitates an experience of personal transformation. Through it you will learn how to love your body AND yourself! You will learn to harness your inner brilliance and shine most magnificently!


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