Changed my life forever!

For anyone who has ever struggled, truly and painfully struggled with their body and thought, “What’s wrong with me, why won’t it work for me?” The teachings of Carmela Ramaglia will set you free.

~ Ali, Amazon Review


Happy Calories Don't CountDiscover the book that started an evolution! A must read for anyone who has painfully struggled with their weight and body image. Weight loss and well-being specialist, Carmela Ramaglia shares her own struggle with diet and exercise and reveals incredible experiences that led her to challenge the traditional weight loss model. With amazing clarity and personal insights, she weaves a tapestry of hope for those struggling with issues around food and exercise, and the pain those obsessions inflict. Carmela eloquently blends principles of psychology and spirituality with the reality of living in a physical body – thereby creating a truly complete picture of how to create happiness – and a body you love!





This program is changing my whole life!

If you have ever struggled with body image or weight loss/gain/loss you HAVE to meet this woman!

~ Julie Anne Jones
Host, Your Family Dynamic


The Art of Alignment

The Art of Alignment is a 7-part streaming video series that provides the core, foundational principles of the Happy Calories® approach. This digital program illustrates that weight loss is not a simple science, but an art. With a little bit of practice, you can become a master!

Includes a 3-month membership in the Happy Calories Cafè Group Coaching Program ($149 value). Get more details here.



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